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Who We Are

Ledger Kitchen is a team of professional designers of blockchain solutions for business. We have experience in developing applications for companies: SaaS CRM/ERP, web, mobile apps. The results of our work are business solutions relating to server highload distributed systems and platforms with the use of crypto technologies.

Facts About Blockchain

8$ bln could save banks with blockchain
200$ mln IBM investing to blockchain projects
70organizations has launched Hyperledger
69% of banks launced blockchain projects

What we do

Designing private blockchain solutions for business

Hyperledger fabric

With the help of HyperLedger, the open-type distributed ledger technology, we design blockchain based platforms, applications and solutions. HyperLedger is already joined by: IBM, Fujitsu, SAP, Huawei, Nokia, Intel, Samsung, Deutsche Börse, American Express, J.P. Morgan, BBVA, BNP Paribas and Well Fargo, Blockstream, Netki, Lykke, Factom.

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Reserch_Development Ledger Kitchen
Research & Development

In our job we use:
HyperLedger Fabric is an IBM blockchain framework hosted by The LinuxFoundation. Advanced programming languages: Node.js, Go, Python, Ruby, PHP, C, C++, Java. We design solutions: SQL (MySQL, Percona, Postgress), NoSQL (Mongo, Redis) Databases, Highload, CI/CD, Mob, Web.  

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We take on the whole complex of technical challenges for your project: from prototype and technical requirement to MVP and introducing product in Production Mode. Our technology stack. Decision for ICO involves several important stages, вut first we can just meet and find common ground for beneficial cooperation.

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Marat Fatktullin
Marat Fatkullin

CIO and Technical Manager. More than 15 years experience in managing and developing projects in search solutions systems, antivirus protection, marketplaces and SaaS ERP solutions.

Marat Fatkullin
Sergey LedgerKitchen
Sergey Sadon

Fullstack developer, highload engineer, blockchain expert. Just a nice guy. Black belt in karate.

Sergey Sadon
Valentina Skripchenko
Valentina Skripchenko
Business Developer

More then 15 years experience in Business Development and Business Coaching. Cofounder one of the leading IC trading company.

Valentina Skripchenko
Nick Avramov
Nick Avramov
PR / Product manager

M.A. in philosophy, managerial studies in IE Business school. Ex-business developer in Cyprus-based ad company, Nick contributed to several ICO projects as community & PR lead.

Nick Avramov
Andrei Boiko
Andrei Boiko

Partner of LedgerKitchen Team. NativeOne and BlockchainSpot founder.

Andrei Boiko
Dina Boiko
Blog editor

Blog editor in LedgerKitchen, NativeOne and BlockchainSpot.

Dina Boiko
Veronika Selkaeva
Head of Design

An exceptionally talented artist with over ten years experience in the domains of graphic design, motion design, video, animation and corporate identity.

Veronika Selkaeva


Дмитрий Плахов
Dmitry Plakhov
marketing and development

Head of development, IT-systems at "Sberbank-Technologies." St. Petersburg blockchain developers community coordinator

Dmitry Plakhov
Алексей Студнев
Alexei Studnev
public blockchain

Chief technical officer Izetex Pte Ltd., BRICS NCI expert

Alexei Studnev
Дмитрий Донов
Dmitry Donov
legal support

Managing partner at Albrecht & Vitte law firm. Founder icolaw.io

Dmitry Donov

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