ChainPad product update

This week, we are very proud to unveil our latest product update.

The dev team is constantly improving ChainPad — our pilot project that great future awaits. ChainPad is more than a mobile application — it is a fully-functional private blockchain toolkit with a convenient data access management that allows creating decentralized applications, for instance, making receipts, microloans, contracts with freelancers etc.

It is based on Hyperledger Fabric — a private blockchain open-source infrastructure designed to be used in scalable applications for business. As it has a modular structure, multiple functional modules (for instance, smart contracts, consensus etc.) can be just plug-and-play.

What’s new?

  • From now on users can receive push notifications for invitations, change of status in multiple pads and other custom actions;
  • Participants and their statuses are now displayed on the main screen;
  • SMS code arrival is now improved — before there were discrepancies in some countries;
  • Also, some minor bugs fixed.

The main direction of development is the possibility of connecting several participants to the deal, as well as integration with third-parties such as banks, insurance companies, MFIs and not only. The LedgerKitchen team aims to create a flexible and scalable application that can then be used in any field.

Try the new version of ChainPad in Google Play.

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