ChainPad – Platform for blockchain-based mobile apps

Scalable and agile platform powered by Hyperledger Fabric and suitable for any business logic.

How it works

ChainPad – a mobile platform for creating receipts, accounting for microloans, bets, contracts with freelancers, as well as an application that easily scales to fit your business needs. Convenient and reliable, the ChainPad application allows to store valuable information and ensure its immutability. Instead of verbal agreement, files and papers – digital signatures and smart contracts.

ChainPad – a toolkit for private blockchains

  • A solution for easy data access management
  • Designed for both business and ordinary users
  • Private blockchain based on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Capable of making contracts, receipts, agreements
  • Ensures confidentiality
  • Suitable for insurance companies
  • Easy and secure integration with third-party services

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